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Awbridge and Dunbridge Oil Buying Group

The Awbridge and Dunbridge Oil Buying Group has been running since 2011. We currently have 100 members both in the villages and as far away as Whiteparish. More members are welcome as there is power in numbers! We generally get about 2p/litre cheaper than an individual could get.

How it works

Every 3 months we ask the members how much oil they want. They can leave it this time if they have enough, go for a minimum of 500 litres or more, or request a defined amount plus top-up if the supplier offers the service. Once we've totalled the requirements, we then negotiate with about 6 different suppliers to see who can offer the best price. We compare the offered price to 1000 litres from Boilerjuice to get a benchmark. Once the supplier is chosen they will deliver the oil within an agreed timescale, usually 2 weeks, and call you before they deliver if you've requested that they do so. Once the deal is agreed, we email all members with the agreement. After this point you then deal directly with the supplier. The invoice is delivered to you and you handle payment.

Benefits of membership

  • No effort required by you after joining the Group, other than to decide if you need oil, and how much, and then, after delivery, having to pay for it!
  • Usually 1-2p/litre cheaper than the popular Boilerjuice comparison website.
  • Top-ups available, as long as you can take a minimum of 500 litres.
  • Easier to buy several times a year to take advantage of lower prices, or to spread the price risk (just like buying shares).
  • Even when you don’t buy oil we will share the latest buying deal information with you.

How to become a member

If you are not yet a member of the group and are interested in joining, please fill in the form below.

To help us to see that you are a person, not a computer, please tell us which traffic light colour means "Go":